In a world saturated with social media entities, it's often hard to find a reliable way to monitor the progress of your Instagram, YouTube and Facebook growth.

What better way to start or get ahead than knowing exactly where you stand in the market?

We designed Social Analyzer with your best interest in mind, we've included all the tools you might need to get reliable and meaningful analytics on your social media campaigns.

Let's take a look at the various analytical tools provided by our web-based application.

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Growth Statistics

One of the most important metrics for analyzing any social media account is a clear graph showing growth in followers, likes, views, and engagements.

At Social Analyzer, we've included easy to read interactive graphs that show your account growth over time.

AI powered free instagram audit auditflame



Average Engagement Rate

Your most important engagement rates and key analytics are displayed in easily readable format for a quick glance at any point, you can visually see the effectiveness of your campaign, whether, average engagement rate, average likes, comments and more, you can use this tool to compare your insights to other accounts.


AuditFlame: Free Instagram auditing tool


Future Projections

What better impression to make than to see how your future projections look based on your current growth rate. We've incorporated a top of the line analysis tool that projects your growth over the next year considering you keep your growth rate over the past few months. 


AuditFlame: Free Instagram Auditing and Tracking Tool


Comparison Tool

A massively helpful tool is our comparison tool, once you audit your Instagram account or other accounts, you can compare their growth rates to find out how you are holding up against similar accounts within your niche.  

AuditFlame free ig audit tool


Top Hashtags & Mentions

This tool helps you find out which hashtags and mentions were used most by your account, this can have great implications as it can show you whether your hashtag or mention campaigns have been successful or not.

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PDF Exports

Once you've gained thorough and deep insights about your accounts, it's now time to download a PDF version for safe keeping and job opportunities. Share this with future employers, agencies, whatever, as we continue to improve the overall look of the PDF, stay tuned!

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